Messiah College Women's Basketball Camp

Our Camps offer an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of basketball. Campers will be made aware of the characteristics that define successful basketball players. Organized games between campers will provide a competitive outlet after specific drills have been practiced.

Drill progressions will be aimed towards recognizing and developing good habits in all aspects of the game. General courtesy, respect for teammates and opponents and the importance of hard work will be taught to the campers through example by the Falcon coaches.

                                  ** Spring AAU Tournament **
http://www.emojibase.com/resources/img/emojis/gemoji/1f3c0.png April 27-28, 2019 -   Tournament Information and Registration     

                              * 2019 SUMMER CAMP SESSIONS *

Skills Academy for girls rising grades 6 - 12

http://www.emojibase.com/resources/img/emojis/gemoji/1f3c0.png June 10(9th optional) - 13th, 2019
Camp Details and Registration    

Little Falcons Skills Academy for girls rising grades 3 - 5
http://www.emojibase.com/resources/img/emojis/gemoji/1f3c0.png  June 10 - 13, 2019    Camp Details and Registration                                                                                                                                                                                                           
http://www.emojibase.com/resources/img/emojis/gemoji/1f3c0.png  July 8 - 11, 2019      Camp Details and Registration  

JV / Varsity Team Camp

http://www.emojibase.com/resources/img/emojis/gemoji/1f3c0.png July 14- 18, 2019 - CONTACT MIKE MILLER mmiller@messiah.edu

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Jordan Court- Home of Messiah Basketball!
In the fall of 2018 the Falcons moved into their new 20 million dollar arena and fitness center.  Jordan Court located in Hitchcock Arena is one of the finest facilities in the country with a state of the art floating floor, over head scoreboard and a large 16'x10' high definition video board.  The unique layout allows for over 2,000 fans to take in the exciting action with great views from every seat.  We would love to see you at a game soon!